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What do Dermatologists say about Charcoal Peel-Off Facemasks?

Dermatologists are somewhat conflicted about the efficacy of charcoal peel-off facemasks. Many dermatologists, including Dr. Jaliman, recommend the use of activated charcoal facemasks because of their superior ability to draw out dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants.

Dr. Jessica Wu explained to Women's Health that activated charcoal is safe and won't irritate skin or cause allergic reactions but that it might not be doing all that much. Wu says that charcoal peel-off facemasks are likely effective because of other ingredients and not the charcoal itself.

Other dermatologists have spoken out about the potential downsides of some charcoal peel-off facemasks. Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, told Health that skin and hair can stick to the charcoal in the same way blackheads do. Thus, removing the peel-off charcoal mask can be painful.

To prevent pain, Dr. Jaliman recommends exfoliating before applying the mask. Check out this video for an explanation of why exfoliation is important and some tips on how to do it: