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What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is carbon that has been processed in a special way. It is micro-porous, meaning it has a large number of small pores. This micro-porosity gives the activated charcoal a larger surface area.

The larger surface area allows for maximum absorption. When it comes to skincare, this is the ultimate goal. Activated charcoal is able to absorb a large amount of the dirt and toxins clogging up your pores.

You will sometimes hear activated charcoal described as something that acts like a magnet for dirt and toxins. This isn't exactly true, in that there is nothing about the activated charcoal that directly attracts the things clogging up your pores.

It can seem like there is a magnet effect, though, because of how well the activated charcoal absorbs those things. When put into contact with dirt and oil, the charcoal will absorb it.

It is the micro-porosity of activated charcoal that makes it such a powerful skincare tool. More surface area means more absorption.