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Will Charcoal Facemasks Damage My skin?

Some dermatologists warn that there is more to be concerned about than just pain. Some even warn of the risk of permanent damage. According to Dr. Anne Trussell, this could include enlarged pores, scarring, and permanent hypopigmentation in people with darker skin tones.

Most dermatologists, though, don't see anything that makes charcoal facemasks any worse than other facemasks. A notable exception is the DIY charcoal facemasks people are making with glue. Dermatologists agree that these are dangerous.

Even worse are charcoal masks being sold online from unregulated vendors. These often include glue and sometimes even super glue. Dermatologists like Dr. Seth Forman warn that these masks can lead to scarring or infection since they tend to remove layers of skin.

Charcoal peel-off facemasks that are FDA-approved are safe and may even be dermatologist recommended. There isn't hard evidence of the good they can do, but there is plenty to suggest that activated charcoal does a superior job of cleaning out your pores. Just make sure to choose an FDA-approved product to avoid damaging your skin.