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Charo Cosmetics Power Skin Cleaner

Charo Cosmetics Power Skin Cleaner

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Brand New Charo Cosmetics Power Skin Cleaner (USA Version) is the easiest way to remove blackheads , dead skin and extra oils from your face. The device uses a gentle suction to suck impurities from your face, leaving your skin soft and beautiful!  

Product Specs:

Condition: 100% Brand New
Type: Pore / Face Cleaner
Material: ABS
Color: White, Pink
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Power: 4W
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Weight: 299g

Function: Use for the removal of facial blackheads, whiteheads, excess oils and dead skin. It is suitable for treating dry skin, saggy skin, dull skin and wrinkles. This device helps to increase skin blood circulation and keeps the skin looking active and young.

4 High Quality Cleaning Heads Included:

1) Grinding Ring Cleaning Head: It can be used to scrub and exfoliate dead skin.
Recommended Usage area: Any area on face except the area around the eyes. Can also be used on other parts of the body such as the elbow, knee and ankle.

2) Large Size Cleaning Head: With strong suction, it can remove blackheads effectively, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation which lets the skin rejuvenate. Recommended Usage area: Any area on face except around the eyes.

3) Small Size Cleaning Head: Suction is weaker, which is ideal for the removal of blackheads at sensitive areas. Recommended Usage area: Can be used on sensitive areas such as: the area around the eyes.

4) Oval Shaped Cleaning Head: Ideal for firming skin, removing fine wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity. Suitable for the fine lines around the corner of the mouth. Recommended Usage area: Can be used on sensitive area, such as, the area around the eyes and the corner of mouth.

- 5 gear suction modes of various suction strengths

Please Note:

Before Use: Wash your face with a warm face towel to open pores. It is recommended to consult the manual if you are using the device for the first time. 

During Use: Ensure to move it slowly along the skin. Don't stay at one spot for a long time (over 3 secs) to avoid hurting your skin. It can suck out oil, whiteheads, and shallow blackheads. If the blackhead is relatively deep, it is best to use it together with a face cleansing lotion. You may not be able to suck out deep blackheads on the first try. Deeper blackheads require longer treatment (usually a week or two) in order to be fully removed.  

After Use: Use a toner or cold water to shrink pores. Wash the cleaning heads with warm water and hand soap. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals to clean the the heads.  

Package Includes:
1 x Main Device
1 x Large Size Cleaning Head
1 x Small Size Cleaning Head
1 x Oval Shaped Cleaning Head
1 x Grinding Ring Cleaning Head
6 x Sponges
3 x Silica Gel Rings
1 x USB Charging Wire
1 x Manual